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Will extensions damage my hair?

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Will Extensions damage my hair?

We’ve seen the pictures. We’ve read the stories. We’ve heard it from our friends. Extensions damage your hair. The truth is, extensions can and will damage your hair. That is under certain conditions. And both of those conditions are under your control. So what exactly causes damage?

The number one reason is an improper application of extensions by the technician. There are any number of ways that extensions can be improperly applied. Every extension method has a proper and “healthy” way of being installed. It would be time consuming to list the proper way to install every type of extension. Tape, I tip, great lengths all have guidelines for proper installation. Unfortunately , there are times when a less than qualified person will do the installation. Your best defense is to try to get a recommendation from someone who has used the extension technician. Ask a lot of question of the technician and perhaps even ask if he would be willing to let you speak to one of his clients who has had what you are having done. Ask where the technician learned how to apply these specific extensions (every manufacture offers some sort of training).

The second reason for damage is more under your control and that is home care. Once the extensions are applied you must take care of them. Not brushing the hair at the point of attachment is probably the biggest mistake I see with clients. Many are under the impression that brushing will pull out the extensions. Done gently the extensions will be fine. What you are trying to avoid is matting at the extension site which will then produce breakage and loss when the technician has to comb the mats out of your hair when replacing them. At least twice a day, hair should be gently brushed at the point of attachment.

Although you can do just about anything with extensions that you can with your own hair, certain activities should be avoided. Hot saunas should be avoided with tape ins. Swimming in ocean or pool water should always be followed by a gentle cleansing of all extensions. Never condition hair at the bond site and avoid all products that contain alcohol near the bond area. For your particular type of extension look at my other blog entries for proper at home care.

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