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What exactly is Remy hair?

beautiful brunette extensions in Remy hair form

When you first start exploring and researching hair extensions, you may notice that the term Remy hair keeps coming up again and again. So what exactly is Remy hair? Remy hair is human hair. Now this is where it gets a little tricky. While all Remy hair is real human hair, not all human hair extensions is Remy hair. (I'll give you a second to read that last sentence again.). So what exactly is Remy hair? It is hair that is unprocessed and the cuticle layer is in tact all overlapping each other and facing the same direction, like shingles on a roof. You may wonder why this is important. Well, if the cuticle in the various strands of hair do not all lay in the same direction, this will lead to tangling and damage. So Remy hair is healthy looking, soft and shiny and is the highest quality hair you can buy. At Gabriel Garay Hair Extensions, we only use Remy hair, whether they are bonded, I link or tape.

Synthetic hair is, obviously manufactured. This drives down the cost because you are not obtaining this hair from humans. Synthetic hair is wonderful if you are simply trying on different color wigs, or for a one night event (such as bangs). Synthetic hair however does not seamlessly blend in with your own hair as easily. That is why for everyday, exceptional performance and natural looking hair, you will want to go with Remy hair.

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