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What is the proper way to brush out and dry extensions.

Hair extensions, tape in, fusion bonds (Great Lengths) and i tip (Dream Catchers) are more resilient than you might think. But they still need some TLC --just like your own hair--when brushing and drying. When you hair is freshly shampooed and wet, here are the steps to follow to preserve your extensions.

1. Gently blot and towel dry as much water out of your hair before you do anything else.

2. Lightly spray your hair with a detangling/heat protectant product, working mostly on the ends and the areas your hair tangles most. Stay away from the bonds or tape.

3. Using a wide paddle brush or "wet brush", hold small sections of hair and start from the bottom and work your way up. Never yank the hair from the scalp down. F

comb out wet extensions with a wide tooth comb or brush

inally go to the area where you have extensions and carefully make sure they are all brushed out, again, slowly and no pulling.

4. Apply any styling product you will be using, being careful to stay away from bonds. Alcohol in styling products weaken tape and bonded extensions. Begin drying the hair without a brush. This is a rough dry to remove water, but you will also be drying the bond area of your extensions. Don't concentrate the heat in one area, but do dry the tape or bonds before you begin drying the hair. Bonds are most vulnerable when wet. You want to make sure these are dry before you begin styling.

5. Once bonds are dry, move on to styling. If you are letting your hair air dry, make sure bonds have been dried and the surrounding area. You don't want to let your bonds stay wet.

6. Once you are done, again apply any finishing products staying away from the root area.

There you go, enjoy!

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