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How to care for your Dream Catchers I-tips (micro-link) extensions

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Congratulations on your new Dream Catchers brand micro-tip extensions. Dream Catchers is made from the finest 100% remy hair. With proper care your new hair should last a year or longer and can be reused several times. Below are some points to consider when caring for your hair.


Don't shampoo your hair for the first 48 hours after installation.

When shampooing run fingers along scalp in a Z shape pattern and run fingers through your cylinders.

As your DreamCatchers age, leave conditioner on for a longer time (2-3 minutes)

Towel dry hair as much as possible; DreamCatchers will retain much more water than your natural hair

Air/Rough dry at least 60% before running a brush through your DreamCatchers/Natural hair

DO NOT wash or blow dry your hair upside down as this may cause tangling.


Serious damage may be caused to your DreamCatchers Extensions and to your own hair by chemical treatments at home, or by hairdressers not thoroughly familiar with DreamCatchers. This is because color or perming chemicals may be trapped in the attachment cylinders, where they can continue to affect and possibly damage the DreamCatchers Extensions or your own hair. All chemical treatments of your own hair should be carried out at a cartified stylist studio.


Hairdressers not familiar with DreamCatchers Extensions may damage it by cutting it too short or by using the incorrect technique. Please make sure to contact your certified DreamCatchers stylist when looking for a trim.

Maintaince Program:

As your hair grows, the cylinders attaching the DreamCatchers Extensions will move further away from your scalp along with your own hair. This can increase the traction on your own hair. Therefore, it is necessary for you to return every 4-6 weeks. The reason is to have the attachment cylinders returned to or replaced to their original positions. Failure to do this may result in tangling and/or loss of some of your own hair.

Brushing Technique:

Extra care must be taken when brushing the hair to avoid dragging (pulling) the cylinder attachments. Hold your hair close to the base and brush from the ends working your way up the shaft of the hair. Paddle or boar bristle brushes are recommended.


When swimming it is advisable to braid or put your DreamCatchers Hair

Extensions into a ponytail as this will prevent knotting. Rinse your hair in fresh water before going into pool or ocean as well as rinsing once you get out. Apply a detangler or leave-in conditioner once you get out of the water.


Do not go to bed with hair wet. Loosely braid or put your hair into a ponytail when sleeping.

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