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How to be platinum blonde

Have you ever admired the ultra pale blonde looks of Pink, Gwen Stephanie or Marilyn Monroe, and wondered how the look is achieved and whether it might work for you?

For starters lets define double processed blonde hair (here on in referred to as DP). DP hair is hair that is decolorized with a lightner, until it is a very pale yellow and then toned to give it anything from a soft gold, to an ultra ash blonde appearance.  Two steps, hence the term double process.  Most traditional permanent hair color is a single step process where color is lightened and toned at the same time. Most single process hair color is not up to the task of decolorizing and toning as light as a DP. 

Sound easy enough?  It is not.  There are many factors that will dictate the ultimate success of a DP.  Your colorist must possess the skills, time and product to successfully perform this service (it is a very specialized skill).  As for your own hair:  generally those with lighter natural hair color, and finer hair density will DP the most successfully.  The darker and courser your natural hair, the more involved the process becomes; and the more essential it is that you are in the right hands.   Notice I say natural.  Hair that is previously colored, particularly with dark hair dyes is not an ideal candidate for DP.  Even if your colorist says he can DP your hair, chances are you won’t get that pale blonde shade you are after, and if you come anywhere near it, your hair won’t be worth keeping on your head, and indeed may no longer be there anyway.  Is your hair long or short?   There is a reason many of the double process blondes you see have hair on the shorter side.  It is easier to keep a DP looking healthy if it is regularly trimmed and kept on the shorter side.  DP hair also requires frequent salon visits to keep it looking stellar and healthy.  Ideally the hair should be retouched every 2-4 weeks.  Letting your hair go longer runs the risks of hair breakage and hair not decolorizing evenly.  DP hair needs to be regularly deep conditioned with quality products to keep it looking healthy. If you have decided to take the leap,  here is what to expect:  after you have had a thorough and satisfying consultation with your colorist,  your first DP will likely take several hours and be pricier than subsequent visits.  This initial visit requires a skillful colorist, and is a process that can not be rushed.  If subsequent visits are kept within the proper 2-4 week time frame, the expense and time in the salon should go down.   

The big pay off for all your troubles?  Hair color that is stunning, beautiful and very unique.  Enjoy. 

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